Ranking your high school choices? Take a look at our new reviews of more than 25 high schools plus a video of how to audition for performing and visual arts schools. (Scroll down to see the video.)


LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts is the most popular of the city’s audition schools.

Professional Performing Arts School offers a small-school environment and first rate instruction in the arts.

Millennium High School has an experienced staff and a well-rounded curriculum.

Manhattan Village Academy has demanding college-prep classes and a ton of homework.

Seward Park Educational Campus is a calm, orderly building that houses five small schools. We visited Essex Street Academy,Lower Manhattan Arts Academy and Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law.

TheHealth Professions and Human Services High School is badly overcrowded, but kids seem to be happy and productive.

The High School of Art and Design will move into a new building in the fall.

Graphic Communications High School has a dynamic new principal who is working to improve attendance.


Leon Goldstein High Schoolhas a beautiful location on the water in Manhattan Beach

Midwood High School attracts some of the best students in Brooklyn

Brooklyn College Academy offers tons of personal attention

Sheepshead Bay High School and Brooklyn School for Global Studies have each received large federal grants to turn their schools around. Global Studies shares a building with the School for International Studies.


Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics is one of the top schools in the borough. It shares a building withEximius College Prep Academy.

One of the last remaining large high schools in the Bronx, Truman High School has a growing number of new immigrants and special needs students.

The sprawling John F. Kennedy Educational Campus houses eight schools, including two new charter schools,New Visions Charter High School for Math and Science and New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities. We also have an updated reviews for the Bronx School of Law and Finance.


Cardozo High School has first-rate science and math and lots of extracurriculars.

Hillcrest High School is divided into nine small learning communities, including a pre-med institute.

Thomas Edison has some terrific programs in career and technical education

Staten Island:

Take a look at our updated reviews of two large zoned high schools, New Dorpand Tottenville, plus the Island's career and tech school, McKee.