It's time for 5th and 8th-graders and their families to plunge into the middle school and high school admissions season. Jacquie Wayans of has teamed up with City College to offer seminars on Choosing the Right School for Your Child on Tuesday, Oct. 18th & Oct 25th.

With tours to schedule, fairs to attend, and application deadlines approaching in December, parents need more guidance than what is offered in school directories.

To help families learn how to navigate the application process and make the best choices for their child, Jacquie will offer a workshop for middle school students and their parents, and one for high school. Having visited more than 200 public schools, and with a dozen years of experience advising public school parents and students, she will encourage you as she walks you through the process. A Bronx mother of three, Jacquie speaks a language that parents understand!

Topics to be covered include:

  • Knowing how and when to apply
  • Different school options
  • What to look for in a school when you visit
  • Techniques for increasing your child’s chances of choosing the school that’s the right fit
  • A tip sheet to those in attendance
  • The ability to get continued advice from Jacquie after the session 

A evening session, from 6 - 9pm will be focused on high schools on the 18th and the middle school session will be held on the evening of Oct. 25th.

Parents must register at or call: 212-650-7312. The fee includes one parent and one student. See also, our Insideschools video, "Getting Started".