Globe School for Environmental Research


3710 Barnes Avenue
Bronx NY 10467
(District 11)


Rashaunda Shaw

What’s Special

Participation in international student science program

The Downside

School is too young to have a track record

Our Review

DECEMBER 2009 UPDATE: As of September 2009, Matthew Angell is the new principal of the GLOBE School for Environmental Research, replacing Barbara Hartnett.

APRIL 2006 REVIEW: GLOBE School for Environmental Research is one of three new schools launched in fall 2005 in the building housing MS 113, a failing school that is being closed in 2007. The school began with a 6th grade and will add a 7th and 8th grade yearly until it is a full middle school program. (The other small schools in the building are the FORWARD School of Creative Writing and the Young Scholars Academy.)

GLOBE stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment, a network of science programs with participating elementary and secondary schools around the world funded in part by the National Science Foundation and NASA. Kids in the program do activities like taking and reporting field measurements, while working with scientists and students in other countries. During our visit to the school, we saw displays of a weather station at the school, and learned of an affiliation with a program at the Bronx's New York Botanical Garden to adopt trees. Students also have access to various NASA programs through the school's partnership with Queens College.

We met several students from the school robotics team and learned that they were preparing for a major competition by working on an underwater robotics project that is also helping them understand such things as oil spills and dolphin rescues. Students from Bronx Aerospace Academy assist them with the project on Saturdays. Students from another Bronx high school, Writing and Communication Arts, tutor GLOBE students in reading and writing on Saturday's as well. Both these schools are young, small schools located in what was once one of the most dangerous schools in the city, Evander Childs High School, which is being closed. GLOBE Principal Barbara Hartnett is eager for her students to see that there are now acceptable options in the Evander building.

Each classroom uses "intervention profiles" (similar to tracking systems used for special education students) to communicate with parents about their children's progress. The school also has online math programs. Students may also attend a "retreat" at Alpine Scouts Camp, sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America in Alpine, N.J., that offers academics coupled with activities such as archery and rock climbing.

English as a Second Language: Instruction for English Language Learners is available in a class with two teachers. Students come from five or more different language backgrounds. (Jacquie Wayans, April 2006)

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