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Lafayette High School has been divided into five smaller schools after struggling for years with safety problems and a low graduation rate. The school officially closed in June 2010 and was renamed the Lafayette Educational Complex. It is located in the residential neighborhood of Bensonhurst and is easily accessible by mass transit.

Though each school is separate and independent, facilities like the auditorium, playing field and lunchroom are shared. PSAL sports teams are campus wide. Upon entering the school, students must pass through metal detectors.

The complex now houses five schools: Kingsborough Early College School, International High School at Lafayette, Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders, High School of Sports Management, and Life Academy High School for Film and Music.

Kingsborough Early College School gives students the chance to take college courses at Kingsborough Community College, allowing some to graduate from high school with two years of college credit. A 6-12 school, Kingsborough is part of the Early College Initiative at the City University of New York (CUNY), designed to better prepare students for college by exposing them to higher-level academics starting in middle school.

International High School at Lafayette offers small classes, outstanding teachers and engaging project-based instruction for recent immigrants who are learning English. Part of the Internationals Network for Public Schools, IHSL is committed to educating recently arrived immigrants and preparing them for college.

Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders is a small school with a diverse student body that emphasizes hands-on learning. After a bumpy start and some staff changes, the school has made progress bringing up its graduation and attendance rates.

High School of Sports Management focuses on sports management and college readiness. It aims to take the resources kids often apply to the basketball court diligence, persistence, fortitude, self-discipline and transfer them to the classroom.

Life Academy High School for Film and Music uses film to engage younger students in all their studies. However, while the study of film is incorporated into curriculum, the focus on music is only secondary. (Pauline Zaldonis, statistics, January 2013)

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2630 Benson Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11214
(District 21)


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