District 18

District 18 serves the neighborhoods of Flatbush and Canarsie in southeast Brooklyn, about a 45-minute ride on the L train from Manhattan. The district includes some stable and high-achieving elementary schools, but its large neighborhood high schools, including Canarsie and South Shore have been closed down due to poor performance. The Canarsie neighborhood historically attracted many Italian and Jewish families but as these families have moved out, Caribbean Americans have moved into the many one- and two-family homes or to one of the several large public housing developments.


District 18 Contacts

1106 E. 95th St. Room 112
Brooklyn, NY 11236 - Map



Each district has two superintendents--one in charge of elementary and middle schools, one in charge of high schools--who appoint principals, evaluate schools and approves budgets.
Elementary and middle school superintendent: Beverly Wilkins, (718) 566-6008
High school superintendent: Michael Prayor, (718) 368-8515

For individual parent concerns, contact:

Elementary and middle school family support coordinator: Rose Carter, (718) 566-6008
High school family support coordinator: Melissa Thomas, (718) 368-8515

For help with PTAs or district-wide events, contact:

Elementary and middle school family leadership coordinator: Serge Alexandre, (718) 566-6005
High school family leadership coordinator: Mark Moses, (718) 368-8515



To enroll your child, or for any questions regarding enrollment or school transfers, go to the school or the nearest Family Welcome Center, not the district office.

Family Welcome Center 

1780 Ocean Ave. 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11230 - Map
Phone: (718) 758-7687
This center handles both general education and special education enrollment



Community Education Council:

The elected members of the Community Education Council (CEC) approve school zoning lines and advise on education policy.
CEC: Community Education Council 18, (718) 566-6011

District 18 office

1106 E. 95th St., Room 112
Brooklyn, NY 11236 - Map



Special Education:

Most questions about special education can be answered by your child's teacher or principal. If you are new to New York City or your child attends private or parochial school, contact the nearest Committee on Special Education for an evaluation.

Committee on Special Education 

Arlene Rosenstock
5619 Flatlands Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11234 - Map
Phone: (718) 968-6200
If these offices can not answer your questions, see DOE contacts