District 23

One of the smallest in the city, District 23 serves Ocean Hill, Brownsville, and parts of East New York, and includes some of the city's poorest neighborhoods. Single-family homes are interspersed with old brownstones, apartment buildings, large public housing projects and homeless shelters.

The schools, among the lowest-performing in the city, have been losing population, partly as a result of competition from charter schools. The Community Education Council voted in 2013 to do away with zoned schools, allowing parents to apply to any school in the district. However, parents complained that there were few viable choices.

District 23 Contacts

1784 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - Map



Each district has two superintendents--one in charge of elementary and middle schools, one in charge of high schools--who appoint principals, evaluate schools and approves budgets.
Elementary and middle school superintendent: Miatheresa Pate, (718) 346-0816
High school superintendent: Janice Ross, (718) 455-4635

For individual parent concerns, contact:

Elementary and middle school family support coordinator: William Rochford, (718) 346-0816
High school family support coordinator: Corrine Mattis, (718) 455-4635

For help with PTAs or district-wide events, contact:

Elementary and middle school family leadership coordinator: Page Best-Hardy, (718) 346-0816
High school family leadership coordinator: Gregory Hagin, (718) 455-4635



To enroll your child, go to the school or the nearest Family Welcome Center, not the district office.

Family Welcome Center 

1665 St. Marks Ave. Room 116
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - Map
Phone: (718) 240-3598
This center handles both general education and special education enrollment


Community Education Council:

The elected members of the Community Education Council (CEC) approve school zoning lines and advise on education policy.
CEC: Community Education Council 23, (718) 240-3654

District 23 office

1655 St. Mark's Ave. Room 127
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - Map


Special Education:

Most questions about special education can be answered by your child's teacher or principal. If you are new to New York City or your child attends private or parochial school, contact the nearest Committee on Special Education for an evaluation.

Committee on Special Education 

Mariama Sandi
1665 St. Marks Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - Map
Phone: (718) 240-3557 or (718) 240-3558
If these offices can not answer your questions, see DOE contacts