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Starting in kindergarten, your child is eligible to attend a school based on your home address, often referred to as your “zoned” school. This search will help you find your zoned school and explore your other options. If you want to learn more about the kindergarten application process first, read our How to Enroll guide.

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You can include up to 12 schools on your kindergarten application. We will help you learn about your other options, but first tell us how far you are willing to search.

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Explore your other options

You are not limited to apply to your zoned school. About 40 percent of all NYC kindergarten students choose other public options that include:

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Other zones or districts
Unzoned schools
Dual Language
Gifted & Talented
Charter Schools

All dual language programs are housed in regular zoned or unzoned schools. We will include all those schools in the district or borough(s) you’ve selected.

You may want to consider looking beyond your neighborhood or district for a dual language program. Many have space for students outside their zone or district who speak the target language.

Would you like to consider dual language programs outside your district or borough?

What is a dual language program?

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Most gifted and talented programs consist of one class per grade in zoned and unzoned schools across the city. We will include all those schools in the district or borough(s) you’ve selected.

There are five schoolwide G&T programs that are open to students across the city. Four of them serve students in grades K-8. One school (NEST+m) serves students in grades K-12.

Do you want to consider schoolwide gifted programs or other schools that require special admissions procedures?

Which schools have schoolwide gifted programs or special admissions procedures?

All charter schools use a separate admissions process apart from the DOE’s kindergarten application. Many give priority to students living in their district, but some also accept students who live farther away.

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What are charter schools?