Middle School Guided Search

Finding the right middle school will take time and research because New York City has a complicated system of school choice.

If you answer a few questions, we’ll help you sort through hundreds of schools to find the best options for your child.

Let’s start with where you are coming from.

The city is divided into 32 school districts, and children are guaranteed a seat somewhere in their district (but not necessarily the school closest to home). A few districts have zoned schools; most offer school choice. You may also apply to schools outside your district.

What is your home address?

Do you want to consider charter schools?

What are charter schools?

Do you want to consider gifted and talented schools and other citywide programs?

Most of these require top grades, an entrance exam, or an audition. (A few do not consider children’s academic records). They admit children from all five boroughs.

What are citywide programs?

What boroughs are you interested in? (optional)

Do any of these special situations apply to you?

What is an IEP?