We asked you, our readers, what you like and what you would like us to improve.

Here are our responses to the feedback you provided in our end of year survey.

1) Show the maps for school attendance zones. We’re working on a way to make the zone maps more prominent—but for now you can find them on the school profile page. For example, look for the zone map for PS 321 in Brooklyn under the “contact and location” tab.
2) Make it easier to find the videos. We have a new link to our YouTube channel on the drop down menu.
3) Publish step-by-step timelines for middle school and high school admissions. Here’s a timeline for middle school And here’s one for high school
4) Search by address. You can search by address under the pre-k, elementary, middle and high school sections of the site. For example, here’s the page where you can search for your zoned elementary school by address.
5) Make it clear where the data is from and when it was published. We’re working on redesigning the statistics pages to show the dates for each data point.
6) Make the translation option more prominent. We’re working on that too, but for now, look for it in the drop down menu on the upper right corner of the site.
7) Update the reviews more often, especially high schools. We will focus on high schools in 2018. But bear with us. We have just three full-time staffers and three part-time staffers, and there are more than 400 high schools in the city!

See our graphs showing your responses to the questions we asked about how you use our site and what your favorite features are.