Fourth and 5th-graders who scored 4's (the highest level) on both the 2013 state reading and math exams may apply now through Sept. 16 for seats in district and citywide gifted and talented programs for this school year, 2013-2014. Unlike the younger elementary grades which base admission to G&T programs on asssessments including the OLSAT, admittance in the upper elementary grades depends solely on state standardized test scores. Like the younger grades, demand far outweighs supply!

Seats are scarce, especially for 5th grade, and some districts have more openings than others. There may be a very few seats at citywide gifted programs, which require a higher score, as well as the district programs.

To find out whether your child is eligible, check his test score now available on the ARIS parent link. For parents without internet or computer access, the DOE has set up stations at local libraries this weekwhere parents can see their children's scores.

If your child has scored "double 4's", making her eligible. mail your application to 52 Chambers Street, Room 414, or fax it to 212-374-5569. Applications are due by Monday, Sept. 16.

For private school students, the DOE will review test scores or other "objective assessment data that demonstrates advanced performance in reading and mathematics." Check the website for more details.

According to the Education Department, siblings of current students will be placed before other students. A lottery will be held if there are more eligible students than places available.  Students won't find out until early October whether they have been given a seat so they'll need to begin the school year at their current school. Keep in mind that most schools won't have know their rosters until after school opens in September. Seats can open up at any time, including after the school year begins, so parents should submit the application with the schools you like in their preferred order.

Fifth grade seats are only offered at K-6, K-8 or K-12 schools, not for elementary schools that end after 5th grade. 

Click hereto get the application, details about admissons and a list of all G&T programs in the city that have 4th or 5th grade gifted programs and may have openings.