It's summertime and many families are on the move. Whether moving from one borough to another, from the city to the suburbs or to New York City from another state, which school a child will attend is a huge factor in family plans. This week’s inbox was full of questions from families on the move. Here are a few of them.

Can I still go to my charter school?

Q: We are moving to Yonkers in the summer and were wondering if our son can continue attending the Bronx charter school that he has been going to since 1st grade.

A: Yes, your son may continue to attend the city charter school. Here is what the Department of Education Office of Charter Schools told me in an email:

"If a family moves out of the five boroughs, but wants to continue sending their child to a charter school in the city, then the charter school would bill that district the cost of the per-pupil allocation of that school.

Similarly, if a child moves to the city, but chooses to continue attending a charter school outside of the city, then the charter school would bill the district of residence for the allocation for that student"

There is a big BUT:

"If a student moves out of the state, then the family would have to pay tuition and the school would not receive per pupil dollars."

If a family with child attending a non charter school moves out of the city during the school year, the child can continue at the city school free of charge until the end of that semester. After that, the family must pay tuition.  There are drawbacks: A tuition -paying child cannot apply to gifted, choice or special programs or to specialized high schools.  All this is spelled out in Chancellors RegulationA-125.

Tuition rates are set every year and depend on the specific grade level and other factors. Call the Bureau of Non-Public School Payables at 718-935-4789 to find out more.

A** pplying to middle school once I’ve moved out of district**

Q: My daughter is starting 3rd grade this year, and we are considering moving out of the district (District 15 in Brooklyn) but we intend for her to continue attending the same elementary school until graduation. What would happen then? Can we count on applying to a middle school from the same district or must we apply from where we live? The regulation was confusing.

A:The DOE's district middle school directories all include a standard admissions policy pertaining to choice, in addition to the individual policies of each district. It reads: 

All students are eligible for admission to middle school in the district where they are zoned to attend middle school and/or in the district where they attend a New York City public elementary school. 

This is the policy that the Department of Education has adhered to for a long time. Regulations can change, but to change them, the DOE has to go through a hearings process and be approved by the Panel for Educational Policy. You would have ample notice if this policy changes.

Do I have to go to summer school if I move upstate?

Q: I have summer school in the Bronx, but I am moving with my father upstate. We want to know to know if I can just move up there with no problem and also if I can go to the 8th grade with no summer school if I live upstate with him.

A: Of course you can move upstate to live with your father. When you do, you should bring your New York City school records with you. If you can’t get them, the new district will request them from your old school as soon as you show up to register. It will be up to the new district to determine whether you have to go to summer school in order to be promoted. Your father should call the district to find out what the policy is. But time is wasting. I hope you at least started summer school here in NYC. Perhaps you can take the test again in August so you can start your new school right on track.

Are Regents exams required for newcomers?

Q: My two daughters are moving to NYC from California. We are wondering to which grade my 4th grader will assigned, and how my 11th grader will be able to pass all the Regents exams to get a diploma.

A: The NYC policy is that the student from another city is placed according to the last grade she was in, according to her school records. For high schoolers, it’s up to the principal to make the call, based on the student’s records. As for Regents exams, state lawsays: "For those who arrive as 11 and 12th graders, the principal also has the power to waive some of the Regents exams required for a diploma. For 11 grade arrivals. the principal may waive the Regents exam in global history. For 12th grade arrivals, the principal may also waive the Regents exam in science." American History, English and math Regents exams are still required to graduate.

I'd make an appointment with the high school principal early in the school year to determine which Regents exams will be waived for your daughter.

Good luck to all those on the move.