Have you finalized your your list of schools for your high school application yet? The Dec. 1 deadline is coming up.

If you still are undecided about where to apply, or how to rank your 12 choices, we've got tips for you.

First, read our InsideTool, Tips for filling out your application.

Look at the School Stats and reviews for every high school you’re still considering. Click on the comments and browse what current and former students have to say.

Tour the school. There is still time because schools are holding open houses throughout November. Check the Department of Education’s (DOE) high school admissions calendar for dates and times. If you don’t see any dates listed for a school you’re interested in, check that school’s own website or call them directly.

A word of caution about limited unscreened schools, which admit students by lottery, but give priority to those who sign in at an open house or high school fair. Last year Chalkbeat reported that some limited unscreened schools may be inappropriately looking at more than a student’s attendance at an open house or fair when deciding who gets priority. Bottom line: If you visited some limited unscreened schools or met with their staff at a school fair, we recommend that you reach out to each of them to confirm that your 8th-grader has priority in the lottery.

Helpful Resources

See our How to Apply section for guides to help you through the high school admissions process.

Watch high school videos such as "Weighing your options: Large or Small" on the InsideSchools You Tube channel.

Read our Advice for 8th-graders.

Use the Department of Education’s (DOE) 2018 high school directory and the NYC School Finder, the DOE's searchable high school directory.

The DOE offers translated versions of its resources in nine different languages, which you can find here.