Now more than ever, we need each other. That’s why we at InsideSchools have spent the summer creating a new space to support NYC families in what promises to be an unusual year.

It’s called InsideSchools+. We created it because we know NYC families need a lot of support this year. And our team can help.

InsideSchools+ is a new online community designed specifically for NYC families. It’s free to join, mobile-friendly, and tailored to NYC families’ collective school-related needs. Once you log in, you will find two main kinds of resources available: Groups and Classes.

In Groups, we have organized discussion forums where families can engage with each other on a wide array of popular topics. Topics like Online and Blended Learning in Elementary School, Health and Safety in Middle School, and Applying to College in High School. Members of our team will also be available to weigh in, offering information, perspective, or a resource when needed.

In Classes, we will be rolling out online classes to help families navigate some of this year’s most pressing challenges. Our first Class is called How to Support Online Learning at Home and it will be available for free starting September 3. More courses will be released this fall. They will all be asynchronous, meaning you can take them at your own pace.

In addition, like many non-profit organizations, InsideSchools has had to adapt to the new funding realities ushered in by the pandemic. That’s why you will see that we are charging directly for some Classes, asking for donations, and exploring other revenue options that allow us to sustain our service to families. Please know that all proceeds from donations and fees go to support InsideSchools+ and InsideSchools.

All we need now, is you.

Please visit InsideSchools+ where you can sign up, introduce yourself, follow some topics of interest, and begin building the community we all need this coming school year.