Thank you to everyone who attended our event! And thank you to Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children for their partnership and providing the presenters, Debbie Meyer and Resha Conroy.

View the recording of the webinar on InsideSchool's YouTube channel

This workshop aims to empower families with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and advocate for their children's literacy success. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of reading assessment data and how it informs instruction and intervention. They will learn how to interpret and utilize this information to have informed conversations with their children's teachers and effectively support their children's learning journey.

Participants will also explore strategies for collaborating with teachers to ensure that their child's individual needs are addressed and that they receive the necessary support to achieve reading proficiency.

  • Learn the basics about foundational reading skills and assessment data.
  • Understand how teachers use data to inform reading instruction.
  • Learn how to advocate for the needs of a striving reader in school.
  • Understand the intervention options for striving readers
  • Prepare for conversations with your child's teacher

Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children

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