We are so glad you are here. The InsideSchools community is made up of a wide range of people who come for different reasons.

Do you see yourself here? If not, tell us in the Comments who you are and what brings you here!

Our users are 👇

New to NYC—and parenthood!

  • "I need help navigating everything. I am not originally from NYC and I am also a first-time mom."
  • "I have a 6-month-old and navigating the school scene her in Manhattan is ridiculously complicated!"
  • "Wife and I recently had baby."

Helpful grandparents

  • "I am researching schools for my grandsons."

Families who need community resources

  • "To get information about high schools, summer jobs, internships, and college programs for my child who is in high school and the other in the 7th grade."

Teachers Seeking Jobs

  • "I will be a new teacher and would like to learn about different schools, resources, and classes this website has to offer."

Substitute Teachers

  • "As a substitute I feel it’s always a good idea to get additional information from a trusted resource such as InsideSchools. I appreciate the resources you provide too."

Veteran teachers

  • "I’m an experienced educator that loves this website and uses it as a primary source for school data."

Students scoping out new schools

  • "I’m here to see what’s going on in the school i got into for HS 😭"
  • "I want learn more about other high schools because I’m planning on transferring."

Community Helpers

  • "I am the Director of Family Engagement and want to be able to share important information about all schools with my families."
  • "I am an outreach coordinator; I assist families with programs and services for their child/children with special needs."

Parents, guardians & family members seeking admissions help

  • "I want to join InsideSchools so that I can be in informed enough to assist my nephew in his HS selection process."

Families seeking info for students with disabilities

  • "I have a child who has an intellectual disability and I would like to get information about transitional programs for her after high school."
  • "To better understand the process of locating and placing [teenage] children with special needs."