Earlier this week, we launched Extra Help with InsideSchools, a podcast series devoted to helping families and teachers in New York City navigate the move to citywide online learning and homeschooling. We created it to respond to the tons of questions from readers about the city’s response to COVID-19.

Many asked us about the impact on graduation ceremonies and requirements, grade promotion and even middle and high school admissions next year. And, we also received lots of questions about how to keep children engaged and learning such as:

  • How do I support my children learning at home?
  • What are some online learning basics I should know?
  • What are great resources for learning online?
  • What are some tips for scheduling our time as a family?
  • How do I know if my child is learning what they need to learn?
  • How much communication should I expect from teachers?
  • Are there non-digital learning activities I can do with my child?

We are committed to sharing our insights and responding to as many of these questions--and more-- in the coming weeks.

Listen to our first episode where we offer an overview for how to approach online learning at home. And then check out our second episode where I walk parents and teachers through the benfits and pitfalls of learning with Zoom and Google Classroom.

As always, tell us what you think via the COMMENTS below. Did this help? Or not? You have other questions? We are all ears.