Earlier this week parents, including our High School Hustle blogger Liz, were scratching their heads about the high school Regents Week exam schedule which meant no classes for most high school students. Thursday's snowstorm added a new level of uncertainty for some students. When school was canceled,  Regents exams, mandated for high school graduation, were canceled as well. Students who were scheduled to take an exam in U.S. History and Government, Geometry, Chemistry,Physics, Science, or Reading, will have to wait until the next Regents Week, June 15-24,to take it.

In a statement on Thursday, the State Education Department said that seniors who are scheduled to graduate this month, and are only missing a passing grade on a Regents exam to earn their diplomas, may use  course grades  to obtain a local diploma. A local diploma is not as desirable as a Regents diploma, granted to students who pass a minimum of five Regents exams, including U.S. History and Government.

January graduates may opt to take the Regent exam in June, State Commissioner David Steiner said, if they want to earn the Regents diploma.

As for other midterm or final exams scheduled for Thursday, it will be up to the individual schools to decide how and when to reschedule.

See the Department of Education's website for an update on the Regents exams cancellation.