As I write this from my standing desk at work, it occurs to me that in hundreds of school visits over my nine years at InsideSchools, I’ve seen only two standing desks in classrooms.

One was on my recent visit to PS 51, where, in a single classroom, I spotted not only a standing desk, but also two wobble chairs and two floor desks that looked like breakfast trays with side pockets.

It was like a mini WeWork space.

(And here’s a first, spotted a couple weeks ago at Boys Prep Bronx Charter: Chairs on wheels.)

The jury is out on the benefits of standing desks but I confess that I’m distractible, which is why I like a job that allows me to stand now and then, and gets me out of the office and into neighborhood schools. So I’m a fan of flexible seating, and of choice in seating, but there’s also the possibility it’s a version of the fidget spinner phenomenon, helpful for a few but a distraction for many.

Tell us what you think in the COMMENTS: Did classroom furniture hold you back as a learner, or your child?