Got questions about applying to high school? We've got answers! Our two high school admissions webinars presented with NYC Admissions Solutions cover everything from rules and procedures to finding schools that are a good fit and how to rank them on the application.

We know you're busy, and may only have a specific question. To help you fast-forward to the information you need, check out the show notes for each webinar.

Watched both webinars and still have questions? Ask them in the comments sections below and we'll make sure to answer them.

1. Introduction to NYC Public High School Admissions

This webinar is designed for anyone who is new to the high school admissions process. It's ideal for 6th and 7th grade families who want to get a jump-start on their high school search, but is also a must-watch for anyone who needs assistance with researching their options or is new to New York City and is applying to high school this year. Watch it here.

Video Show Notes

  • Quick overview (Minute 3:30)
  • What tests you may need to take (Minute 5:00)
  • What you should be doing to prepare in grades 6, 7 and 8. (Minute 5:50)
  • Overview of the public high school admissions process. (Minute 7:41)
  • What's new and what's changed in recent years. (Minute 9:45)
  • The three different high school admissions processes: main application, test-based specialized high schools and LaGuardia High School (Minute 11:33)
  • What to consider (Minute 12:27)
  • What matters to you (Minute 14:00)
  • Your options (Minute 18:52)
  • How to use InsideSchools to find schools (Minute 23:00)
  • Understanding the application and MySchools (Minute 29:45)
  • How to make sense of applicants per seat, priority groups and zoned options (Minute 33:00)
  • Understanding admissions methods (Minute 36:15)
  • Specialized high schools and the SHSAT (Minute 37:40)
  • Filling out the high school application (Minute 40:05)
  • To-do list for 7th-graders (Minute 42:10)
  • To-do list for 6th-graders (Minute 43:10)
  • Important resources (Minute 44.45)
  • Q&A (Minute 46:30)

2. NYC Public High School Admissions - Part II

This webinar answers your frequently asked questions. We organized our responses by topic. Watch it in English or Spanish.

Video Show Notes (English webinar)

  • What to do once the application opens (Minute 4:30)
  • Specialized High Schools (Minute 9:55)
  • Searching for schools (Minute 12:00)
  • Students with IEP's (Minute 14:10)
  • Data and metrics that matter (Minute 18:10)
  • Advanced Placement and other advanced and college-level classes (Minute 28:30)
  • Special Situations: Multiple children the same age and grade; new to the country; moving to NYC (Minute 30:10)
  • Application strategies: (Minute 35:10)