If your older teen has not been successful in a traditional high school program this year, now is the time to be thinking about whether he should transfer to another school or program next fall.

The Department of Education has opened many new programs for older students and earlier this year published a directory of transfer schools.

Young Adult Borough Centers (known as YABCs) are one option for high school students still seeking their diploma. There are 22 programs, housed at regular high schools around the city, which offer evening classes up to five nights a week and provide  counseling, tutoring, test prep, job and career development and information about college. Some programs have a "Learning to Work" component which includes subsidized internships.

Students may register anytime now through the end of June. To be eligible, you must be a general education student enrolled in a New York City high school, be at least 17 ½  years old, have earned 17 or more credits, and have been in high school for more than four years. Special education students need a determination from the Committee on Special Education that the YABC program will fulfill the goals listed on their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Eligible students should meet with their school counselor to complete registration forms and take them to the YABC they want to attend from Monday-Thursday between 5-7 p.m. for the remainder of June.

Here's more information:

Also check out the DOE's site for information about other schools and alternative programs.