Today would have been the first day of Spring Break for NYC schools. Instead, we attempt to continue with business as usual. During a global pandemic. As a dad, I’m struggling.

When I shared news that all—not just some—of Spring Break was cancelled with my son last week, I found myself trying to emphasize the main reasons it was important. High road reasons like: if we cancel schools, more young people might go outside and play together, which will endanger others who might catch the virus.

He heard me. But he also added his own take. Specifically, my 10-year-old had plans.

I was like, wait what?

He said he and some friends had coordinated all-day Fortnite and Roblox battles. He also wanted to catch up on a book he was reading, and post new videos to his YouTube Channel. It was humbling for me to hear.

On this first day of what used to be Spring Break, I am trying hard to find ways to make the week and a half special. Maybe a little more time for my son to catch up with friends over a video game.

At least then, I’ll have a chance to practice the art of looking the other way.

What way are you going to look during Spring Break 2020? I’m all ears in the COMMENTS section.