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Park West High School was closed in 2006. The building was renamed Park West Educational Campus. For transcripts and proof of graduation from Park West High School call Food and Finance High School at 212-586-2943

The Park West Educational Campus houses five small high schools:

Facing History High School encourages students to look at events in history as a basis for making decisions in their own lives. Using a progressive approach that favors projects and presentations over tests, Facing History places as emphasis on moral values. Students earn Regents diplomas, though they only take the English Language Arts Regents exam; the rest of their work is judged based on a portfolio they produce.

Manhattan Bridges High School serves immigrants recently arrived from Spanish speaking countries. The school has hired bilingual teachers for students with little or no knowledge of the English language.

Food and Finance High School is designed to teach students both cooking skills and the business side of food preparation: how to order supplies, how to maintain inventory and how to create a business plan. Students participate in catering and in internships senior year.

High School of Hospitality Management is a rather traditional high schoolalbeit one with an impressive kitchen. Students (most of whom are female) take a regular Regents-prep curriculum along with courses in culinary arts, business, hospitality or STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The culinary and hospitality courses dont give students enough skills to step immediately into career-track jobs in restaurants or hotels, but they do provide a taste of what such careers entail.

At Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction all students take four years of math, English, history, and science along with two years of Design Studio, an architectural class. Many private design firms and other organizations provide seniors with summer and after school internships. Nearly three-quarter of the students are male.

Park West High School, which graduated its last class in June 2006, had a reputation for violence and poor graduation rates. Though students must still pass through metal detectors, most students report feeling safe in the building. The small schools take turns using the shared cafeterias, gyms, auditorium and library. (Aryn Bloodworth, November 2012)

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Contact & Location


525 West 50th Street
Manhattan NY 10019

Trains: C Line, E Line to 50th St

Buses: M11, M12, M20, M50, M104


Principal: Deonne Martin

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