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District 2 Pre-K Center at 525 West 44 Street

525 West 44th Street
New York NY 10036
Phone: 212-315-7161

Our Insights

What’s Special

Beautiful building

The Downside

Difficult commute for people outside neighborhood

Housed at PS 51, this pre-kindergarten center has a lovely new building with well-equipped classrooms and room to spare.

Not officially part of PS 51, the pre-k center was set up to offer seats to children whose zoned neighborhood schools don’t have space for pre-kindergarten. In its first year of operation, in 2015-16, only two of the five classrooms were operating because of low demand, possibly a result of the out-of-the-way location west of 10th Avenue. (Clara Hemphill, October 2015)

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Contact & Location


Hell's Kitchen (District 2)
Trains: A Line, C Line, E Line to 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal
Buses: M12, M42, M11


Aneesha Jacko

Other Details

Shared campus?
This school shares a building with PS 51
Metal detectors?


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