Academy of Environmental Science Secondary High School

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Academy of Environmental Science Secondary High School was housed in one of the first buildings to be divided into small schoolsthe former JHS 99 building in East Harlem. The school struggled for years and it closed in 2014.

Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation, which shares the building, expanded as AES phased out. Manhattan East School for Arts and Academics,a popular selective school that attracts children from across the city, and the lower grades of Success Academy Harlem 3 Charter Lower School are also housed in the buiilding.

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Contact & Location


410 East 100th Street
Manhattan NY 10029

Trains: 6 Line, Q Line to 96th St; 6 Line to 103rd St

Buses: M15, M15-SBS, M96, M98, M101, M102, M103


Principal: Robert Kane

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