The Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men

240 East 172nd Street
Bronx NY 10457

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This all boys' school opened in former Taft High School in 2004 with the goal of helping students develop a strong sense of their African heritage, brotherhood, and civic responsibility.

The school never reached its potential and the Department of Education decided to close it because of poor performance. No new 9th graders were admitted in September 2011, although current students were permitted to stay until graduation in June 2014 when it closed.The Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men closed in 2014. For your transcript or proof of graduation, call DreamYard Preparatory School at 718-410-4242

The school's graduation rate and attendance rates were well below the city average. The school had a high suspension rate; about one-third of the students responding to a survey said they did not feel safe in 2011.(Pamela Wheaton, June 2014)

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Contact & Location


Claremont Village (District 9)
Trains: 4 Line, B Line, D Line to 170th St
Buses: Bx1, Bx2, Bx11, Bx18, Bx32


Avis Terrell

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