Franklin K. Lane High School

What’s Special

Large athletic fields

The Downside

High dropout rate and low levels of academic achievement

Our Review

Franklin K. Lane, a large school on the Brooklyn-Queens border, graduated its last class in 2012.The building, constructed in the 1930s, now houses four small schools, Cypress Hills Collegiate, Multicultural High School, the Academy of Innovative Technology and Brooklyn Lab.

Marlon (Terry) Bynum, former assistant principal at Lane and the founding principal of Bushwick High School for Social Justice, was named principal of Lane in 2009 after the previous principal died.

Lane had long suffered from low levels of academic achievement, but some students said the situation became even worse after the Department of Education decided the phase the school out beginning in 2007. A recent graduate wrote a blog post entitled How Not to Close a School, in which she described how good teachers left, Advanced Placement classes were cancelled, and students were forbidden from walking in certain parts of the school.

Students must pass through metal detectors and the building is rather drab. One bright spot: the Lane campus has large athletic fields and the four small schools share sports teams. (Clara Hemphill, interviews, September 2011)

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999 Jamaica Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11208
(District 19)


Marlon Bynum