New Dorp High School

Grades: 9-12
Staff Pick
465 New Dorp Lane
Staten Island NY 10306
Phone: 718-667-8686

Our Insights

What’s Special

Small learning communities ensure students get attention and engaging work

The Downside

Limited opportunity to switch to a different small learning community

New Dorp High School offers students the attention and support typically found in smaller schools as well as the big-school perks of expansive facilities, lots of Advanced Placement (AP) and college-level courses, a massive sports programs and many extracurricular activities.

The school’s writing program, called the Hochman Method, has become a model for the city. Key to its success is that teachers in all subjects have adopted the method, which means they use the same language and practices whether it’s a math teacher discussing how students should explain their approach to solving a problem or a history teacher critiquing essays. Since the method was introduced in 2009, students’ scores on English and history Regents exams have risen steadily and now exceed the citywide average.

This large, well-run school benefits from strong leadership and a thoughtful structure. The school is organized into programs known as SLCs (small learning communities), each with its own director, faculty, guidance counselor, school aide and theme.

The SLC design allows for a lot of staff collaboration; teachers in each SLC have a daily common period during which they meet to share ideas, develop lessons and devise plans to help individual students.

Each SLC appeals to a different range of interests: communications and media, law and JROTC, math and science, forensics, health, fine arts and drama, teaching, and business and software engineering. These programs deliver on their themes through a combination of required and elective classes, as well as theme-related activities. For instance, the Institute of Forensic Science offers hands-on learning in crime scene photography, crime writing/forensic statistics and biotechnology, a lot of it conducted in a well-equipped crime lab. Among their activities, students in The Academy of Communication and Media Arts (ACMA) film school events and create promotional media; they also created the citywide training video on safe school evacuations, according to longtime principal Deirdre DeAngelis.

The Math & Science Institute, which accepts students with good grades and test scores, has the most demanding course load. Students take several AP courses in different subjects and in the upper grades specialize in either medical science or engineering.

DeAngelis, who has been principal since 1999, consistently gets top marks from teachers on matters of trust and leadership, based on responses to the annual NYC School Survey. During her tenure she has found ways to enhance the SLCs, including partnerships and improved facilities.

With support from a local physical therapy provider, the health science SLC provides hands-on exposure to athletic training and physical therapy in an on-site, professionally equipped therapy lab. By the time they graduate, students in the Air Force JROTC program, which is headed by a certified pilot and instructor, complete all their coursework and simulator training hours required to become a licensed pilot. The culinary program, which was put on pause for a couple of years, is slated to reopen after construction is completed on a new commercial-grade teaching kitchen.

College-level courses are plentiful and are open to all students across the school. In addition to more than a dozen AP courses, there are College Now programs with College of Staten Island and Kingsborough Community College, as well as college courses for credit taught on-site through partnerships with St. John's University and SUNY Oneonta.

There’s a dedicated college office, and guidance counselors visit English classes to walk juniors through the college admissions process. Graduating students go on to CUNY and SUNY schools in addition to highly selective private colleges and universities.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: New Dorp works hard to integrate special-needs students with general-education students and involve students of all abilities in classes and after-school activities. There are a range of services and supports, including self-contained and ICT (integrated co-teaching) classes. There are also two specialized programs: Horizon provides students who need more intensive support in small self-contained classes with the opportunity to take general-education electives and academic classes when possible; the other is for students with Asperger's syndrome and follows an inclusion model with extra support from paraprofessionals.

There is a range of dedicated classes for beginning and intermediate English language learners as well as push-in support in general-education classes by ENL (English-as-new-language) instructors.(Laura Zingmond, February 2015; updated via interview February 2018)

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School Stats

Citywide Average Key
This school is Better Near Worse than the citywide average

Is this school safe and well-run?

From 2019-20 NYC School Survey

How many teachers say order and discipline are maintained at this school?
75% Citywide Average
How many students say they feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms and locker rooms?
86% Citywide Average
How many students think bullying happens most or all of the time at this school?
37% Citywide Average
How many teachers say the principal is an effective manager?
79% Citywide Average

From 2019-20 NY State Report Card

How many students were suspended?
2% Citywide Average

From this school's most recent Quality Review Report

Are teachers effective?

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

How many teachers have 3 or more years of experience teaching?
76% Citywide Average
Years of principal experience at this school

How do students perform academically?

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

How many students graduate in 4 years?
82% Citywide Average
How many students graduate with test scores high enough to enroll at CUNY without remedial help?
48% Citywide Average
How many students take a college-level course or earn a professional certificate?
41% Citywide Average
How many graduates stay enrolled in college for at least 3 semesters?
67% Citywide Average

Who does this school serve?

From 2020-21 Demographic Snapshot

Free or reduced priced lunch
Students with disabilities
English language learners

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

Average daily attendance
87% Citywide Average
How many students miss 18 or more days of school?
38% Citywide Average

How does this school serve special populations?

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

How many students with disabilities graduate in 4 years?
66% Citywide Average
How many English language learners graduate in 4 years?
68% Citywide Average

For more information about our data sources, see About Our Data · More DOE statistics for this school

Programs & Admissions

From the 2021 High School Directory

The Academy of Education and Leadership
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

Students will experience a broad range of career options such as teaching, school counseling, paraprofessional services, special education, speech pathology and other educational career options. Instruction includes: Classroom management strategies, early intervention services, lesson planning, the use of technology and more. Students are enrolled in college-accredited courses through St John's University. Internships in junior and senior years. Community service, trips, and college visits.

Law Institute & AFJROTC
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

This program provides students with rigorous electives in law and history. Skills such as public speaking, research, and legal writing are emphasized. The program includes Moot Court, Mock Trial and Debate teams, use of school courtroom, and internship opportunities. AFJROTC focuses on Air Force values such as community service, physical fitness and knowledge of space exploration, aerospace, and flight. The program includes opportunities for flight training, drone piloting, and certification.

Corporate Center for Business & Technology
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

A challenging program that exposes students to two strands: the Virtual Enterprise (VE) program, a NYS-Approved CTE sequence, a global business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st century skills in entrepreneurship, global business, communication, and personal finance; and the Software Engineering Pilot (SEP) Program, which exposes students to topics such as computer science, gaming, and web design.

Institute of Health Sciences
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

This is a rigorous program that will prepare students for college as well as a career in the health care profession. As a member of the Institute of Health Sciences, students will develop academic and practical skills that will enable them to be successful learners in a diverse society. Some of the potential careers may include athletic training and physical therapy. Senior internships will focus on physical therapy, sports rehabilitation and assessing human movement.

Academy of Communication and Media Arts
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

In this Digital Media-approved CTE program, students explore and utilize various forms of media such as graphic illustration, video production, journalism, and web design. With a major focus on hands-on instruction, this program prepares students for relevant college majors with exposure to careers in all areas of media. Students have opportunities to participate in internships in the media industry.

Academy of Fine and Dramatic Arts
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

A 4-year rigorous academic program with an emphasis on the Arts. Majors include: Fine Arts, Theatre, Fashion Design, Dance, and Vocal Music, with Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in each. Platforms to showcase student talents and opportunities for internships offered. Theatre and Dance majors are eligible to receive an Arts Endorsed Diploma. Fine Arts majors are eligible to students enrolled in AP Studio Art and earn college credits. Emphasis on building a portfolio for college and career.

Math & Science Institute
Admissions Method: Screened
Program Description:

This STEM-focused Honors Program prepares students for a variety of STEM careers in medical science, computer science, applied mathematics, and engineering. Students are provided the opportunity to think critically, solve authentic problems, and hone their investigative research skills. An Advanced Regents Diploma and a minimum of four college courses is mandated. Program includes: leadership development, internships, regional/national competitions, professional conferences, and field trips.

Institute of Forensic Science & Criminology
Admissions Method: Ed. Opt.
Program Description:

This program provides students with rigorous coursework, internships, and experiences to prepare them for college. Students will learn to process a crime scene, analyze evidence, examine the criminal justice system, and apply principles of criminal psychology. Courses will expose students to skills needed to begin forensic science related careers, but will also provide a breadth of knowledge with wide-ranging applications in many college and career pathways.

New Dorp High School D75 Inclusion Program
Admissions Method: D75 Special Education Inclusive Services
New Dorp High School ASD Horizon Program
Admissions Method: ASD/ACES Program


Language Courses

Italian, Spanish

Advanced Placement (AP) courses

AP Computer Science A, AP Biology, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Psychology, AP World History: Modern, AP United States History, AP Drawing, AP U.S. Government and Politics


Boys PSAL teams

Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Handball, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling

Girls PSAL teams

Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball

Coed PSAL teams

Golf, Stunt

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NYC Department of Education: MySchools

Contact & Location


Mid-Island (District 31)
Trains: N/A
Buses: S51, S57, S74, S76, S78, S79-SBS, S81, S86, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X7, X8, X9


Deirdre Deangelis Dales
Parent Coordinator
Donnamarie Lechillgrien

Other Details

Shared campus?
This school is in its own building.
Metal detectors?

Zone for the 2019-2020 school year. Call school to confirm.

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