Urban Assembly Charter School for Computer Science

Grades: 9-12
1300 Boynton Avenue
Bronx NY 10472
Phone: 646-421-4523

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What’s Special

Students learn computer science and engineering

The Downside

Too soon to tell

Urban Assembly Charter School for Computer Science (commonly known as Comp Sci High) is the city’s first Career and Technical Education (CTE) charter high school. Located in the Bronx, the new school aims to give students a strong education in computer science in addition to traditional college preparatory academics.

Comp Sci High opens in the Monroe High School Campus building in 2018 with a 9th grade and will expand by one grade each year. It will graduate it first class in 2022.

Founding principal David Noah, who holds both a law degree and a Masters in teaching, most recently served as a middle school principal at Success Academy Harlem East. Noah was also a founding teacher at KIPP NYC College Prep High School and taught math for several years at MS 442 in Brooklyn.

Students in all grades will have daily classes in computer science. Physics and engineering will be taught to 9th- and 10th-graders.

Comp Sci High will follow a full-year school model, where students attend classes for 10 months and then intern in tech-related businesses and organizations over the summer.

The school will use a “restorative justice” approach to discipline modeled after a similar program at Valor Collegiate Academies, a charter school network in Nashville, according to Noah.  The goal of restorative justice is to minimize suspensions and promote positive behavior through conversation, reflection and corrective action. Each student will each be assigned an adviser who will keep tabs on the student’s progress during the school year and at summer internships.

ADMISSIONS: By lottery. Apply here. (Laura Zingmond, interview and web reports, February 2018)


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Contact & Location


Parkchester (District 12)


David Noah

Other Details

Shared campus?
This school shares the James Monroe Educational campus with three other schools
Metal detectors?

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