The wait is over for students who applied for a gifted and talented (G&T) seat in kindergarten – 3rd grade for 2017. More than half of those who applied—54 percent—got an offer, the city’s Department of Education reported. That’s similar to last year, when 53 percent got offers.

Sixty-five percent of the 2,366 kindergartners who applied were offered a seat, down from the 69 percent who got offers last year. Kindergarten is the biggest entry point for G&T; there are far fewer openings in older grades.

The number of kindergarten offers this year closely mirrors the number of available seats: 2,366 students were given offers for 2,350 places. The deadline to accept or decline an offer is June 16. Those who were shut out, or prefer another G&T program, are automatically waitlisted for programs they applied to. Schools manage the waitlists and contact families as openings become available even into October, the DOE said. There should be plenty of movement as families move or choose other options. We recommend that families stay in touch and let schools know of their continuing interest.

This year 1,609 kindergartners scored at or above the 97th percentile on the G&T test, qualifying them for one of the city’s five coveted citywide K-8 gifted schools. The demand far outstrips the supply as there are only about 325 seats for kindergartners. One of the five, Brooklyn School of Inquiry, is part of the city’s Diversity in Admissions pilot program and this year 40 percent of the seats went to eligible students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Last year, in an effort to increase opportunities for gifted students in underserved neighborhoods, the DOE opened 3rd-grade G&T classrooms in districts 7, 12, 16 and 23. Another class opens this fall at PS 191 on the Upper West Side. Families of eligible students will find out later this month whether they’ll get a seat. Entrance to these programs is based on students' performance and a checklist and questionnaire completed by their 2nd grade teachers.

Sign up for summer testing
Families who moved to the city after Nov. 14 and missed the deadline to sign up for 2017 testing, may request to have their child tested this summer. Register for the test at a Family Welcome Center by June 16.

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