At InsideSchools we’ve been busy providing support to parents, teachers and students during these hectic and challenging times. In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of posts we published in recent weeks in response to our readers’ requests for help.


September may seem a long way now, but if you’re applying to high school in the fall, then High School Admissions: 7th-graders Start Researching Your Options Now is a must read.

And as you explore your high school options, consider what’s important to you such as The Commute: How Long is Too Long?

We dug up the results for the last six years of high school admissions data to show you Who Gets into NYC’s Specialized High Schools.

Did you get your high school placement and are wondering now what? We offer advice on what you need to do next in our annual round-up post: NYC 8th-graders Get High School Admissions Results.

High Quality Options abound for Public Pre-K and 3-K. Families should apply for 3-K by April 24.

Many charter schools have extended the lottery deadline until April 24. Check out our Apply for NYC Charter Schools Now.

Learning at home, online and otherwise

Listen to our new podcast series Extra Help with InsideSchools, where we deliver on its name, offering much needed insights and help to parents, teachers and students.

15 Tips and Tricks for Online Learning is a good starting point for teachers, parents and students adjusting to online learning.

Tom Liam Lynch donned his teaching/online learning specialist hat (on top of his parent hat) to share his recommendations for productive online learning in Forget Online Learning Resources, for a Moment. What you need are Principles.

We offer tips for helping children with English language arts instruction at home in Homeschooling ELA Online? You Got This!

Tom Liam Lynch weighed in on the current state of online learning in NYC in the NY Daily News.

For those of you at home with younger kids, here’s a recommendation for Free Daily Online Art Classes for 3-6 Year Olds.

Making sense and finding structure in uncertain times

At home, which is now also school, Rituals to Start and End the Day may help kids move more smoothly from one mental space to another.

Everyone is juggling a lot of new routines and stresses so it's important to find ways to manage anxiety for yourself and your family. We offer some guidance and resources in Deep Cleansing Breath: Managing Anxiety at Home.

Know you are not alone. We are sure many can relate to I’m Just a Parent Trying to Keep it Together Right Now.

Looking for ways to establish a routine at home? Our advice is to First, Make a Schedule.

We love this Fun Video About How Germs Spread, which turns the scary topic of germs into a delightful experiment for kids.

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