Applying to kindergarten in New York City can be daunting. What’s the difference between a district and a zone? A program and a school? It may surprise many to learn you can apply to up to 12 different kindergarten programs. Now, InsideSchools has a new tool to help parents find an elementary school that may be right for their children.

Our Elementary School Guided Search will help you learn about all your options, from your zoned (neighborhood) school, to programs within a school, such as dual language or gifted and talented, and also charter schools. You’ll be able to sort results by distance from your home, performance on standardized test scores, or—our favorite—“impact,” which is how much progress all students at the school make.

When you create a free account you'll also be able to save your search, make a list of your favorites, and share that list with family or friends.

Watch this video to learn how to use the Guided Search, or jump right in and try it now.

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