P.S. 92 Bronx

700 East 179th Street
Bronx NY 10457
Phone: 718-731-7900

Our Insights

What’s Special

Bright building with welcoming couches in the office.

The Downside

Poor attendance and low levels of academic achievement.

DECEMBER 2017 UPDATE: The city proposed closing PS 92 at the end of June 2018 because of poor performance. A final decision by the Panel for Educational Policy is pending.

FEBRUARY 2012 REVIEW:  PS 92 serves a poor student population, including many who live in massive housing projects made of gray poured concrete and about 100 from nearby homeless shelters. The inside of the school, while undistinguished, is bright and spacious and well-decorated with childrens art work. The main office is carpeted and there are three couches for parents and guests to wait.

The neighborhood is far from the nearest subway. There are few stores and many of the buildings are run down. There are hints of the difficulties children face in the titles of their essays posted on the walls, When I went to the hospital, When my grandfather died, and Why I cant play in the park.

Principal Manuel Estrella, a graduate of the Leadership Academy (a fast-track training program for principals), says its difficult to recruit teachers because the neighborhood is isolated. Students are often absent, and Estrella, who became principal in 2009, is working hard to improve attendance by sending family workers to visit childrens homes. Test scores have been consistently low.

While parents are generally happy with the school, many teachers are dissatisfied. Only 42 percent of teachers say order and disciplined are maintained; half mistrust the principal; and 60 percent say he in an ineffective manager, according to the Learning Environment Survey.

Special education: More than 70 children are assigned to self-contained special education classes. The school also offers collaborative team teaching classes and special education teacher support services (SETSS).

Admissions: Neighborhood school. (Clara Hemphill, interviews, February 2012)

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Contact & Location


Tremont (District 12)
Buses: Bx15, Bx17, Bx19, Bx36, Bx40, Bx42, Bx9


Yasmin Lugo

Other Details

Shared campus?
This school shares a building with P.S. 595
Metal detectors?

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