Academy of Business and Community Development

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What’s Special

All-boys school.

The Downside

School closed in June 2012.

The Academy of Business and Community Development, a small, all-boys school which opened in 2005, closed in 2012.

Plagued by low enrollment in both middle and high school grades, poor attendance and dismal test scores, the city decided to close the school completely rather than phase it out more slowly.

Of the 70 students who enrolled in 6th grade in 2005, only 16 remained as seniors in the 6-12 school and only one was on track to graduate, according to news reports. Upon its closure there were fewer than 100 students in the high school. Remaining middle school students were assigned to other District 13 middle schools; high school students moved to other high schools. [Photo on this page is from Gotham Schools.]

Clyde Cole founded the school in 2005. He was replaced in 2010 by Simone McIntosh but her tenure was marked by high staff turnover and teachers who mistrusted her, according to the school survey. Many students came from troubled homes and foster homes.

The building, the former home of JHS 258, now closed, houses a K-8 charter school, Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Charter School, a suspension center for middle school students, and a school for special education students, PS 140K in District 75.(Pamela Wheaton, May 2012)

For more information about our data sources, see About Our Data · More DOE statistics for this school

Contact & Location


141 Macon Street
Brooklyn NY 11216

Trains: A Line, C Line to Nostrand Ave; C Line to Kingston-Throop Aves

Buses: B15, B25, B26, B43, B44, B44-SBS


Principal: Simone A. Mc Intosh

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