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Juan Morel Campos Secondary School

Grades: 6-12
215 Heyward Street
Brooklyn NY 11206
Phone: 718-302-7900

Our Insights

What’s Special

Strong arts, Yiddish-bilingual program

The Downside

Attendance, while improving, is below citywide average

Juan Morel Campos Secondary School offers visual art, digital art, instrumental music, theater and dance. The tone is both orderly and relaxed: students wear school T-shirts of different colors by grade level and call teachers by their surnames, yet the school’s artsy identity is evident in the sounds of music, the black box theater, the hallway art and the dyed green and purple hair of some of its students.

Campos Secondary faces challenges: Many children arrive in 6th grade behind in basic skills but the school is proud of the progress they make, just in their 6th grade year alone. Attendance is poor and the graduation rate is below the citywide average, but the school is improving under the guidance of Principal Esther Shali-Ogli, who took the helm in 2016. 

Shali-Ogli sets the warm and structured tone. She sports blue-dyed hair and wears blue jeans and the same T-shirt she requires of her students. A former math teacher with a music background, she has eased out weak teachers and promoted her strongest staff to leadership positions. She sends home appealing newsletters in English and Spanish that celebrate student birthdays and instruct parents in a  non-jargon way. 

Students were alert and paying attention in classes on our visit. There was a nice spirit of peers helping peers: older students are trained to serve as academic tutors in some classrooms and lead advisory groups. The once-high suspension rate has dropped.  The on-time graduation rate is rising. Enrollment is steady. Once the school comes off a list of low-performing schools—which it is on track to do given its progress, Shali-Ogli says—the goal is to expand to 700 or more students in coming years. 

Options for high-achievers include Advanced Placement courses, like an AP Literature class we saw in which students read Hamlet out loud while others followed along. To give all students access to rich literature, some may read a graphic novel version of a text like Romeo and Juliet. 

Teachers encourage class discussions and small group work—Shali-Ogli wants students to be active, independent learners, she stressed—and we saw purposeful small group activity in all types of classes, as well as teens using technology in practical ways. In a science class, students worked on interactive animations on iPads to study the digestive system. Some students used laptops to view a video clip in Spanish in an Earth Science class.

One-third of the school population has disabilities and approximately one-fifth are learning to speak English. Many speak Spanish at home, and most classrooms have instructions in English and Spanish.

The school’s bands perform in the community and there are two big all-school performances per year that showcase all the arts. 

Campos Secondary School has a hub of social services, including access to health care services, after school activities and parent workshops. 

Seniors who are on-track to graduate may go out for lunch. Campos is a community school in partnership with Grand Street Settlement; some students do internships at Grand Street, as well as at local elementary schools.

An experienced college guidance counselor meets with every student. On the day of our visit a representative from Marymount Manhattan College was meeting with students. The year before a student had been accepted to MMC on a full scholarship. 

Special education: Both the middle and high schools have classes to assist English language learners, and children with special needs. There are “integrated co-teaching” (ICT) classes, in which two teachers, one with special education certification, share leadership of a class that mixes students with special needs with general education students. There is a small District 75 program that shares the building and some of those students are included in Campos classrooms. The school also houses a rare bilingual Yiddish program for children with disabilities, a tiny program with about 20 students. The school is wheelchair accessible.

Admissions: Brooklyn-wide for middle school. High school: Preference to
continuing 8th graders. (Lydie Raschka, November 2018) 

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School Stats

Citywide Average Key
This school is Better Near Worse than the citywide average

Is this school safe and well-run?

From 2019-20 NYC School Survey

How many teachers say order and discipline are maintained at this school?
71% Citywide Average
How many students say they feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms and locker rooms?
84% Citywide Average
How many students think bullying happens most or all of the time at this school?
44% Citywide Average
How many teachers say the principal is an effective manager?
78% Citywide Average

From 2019-20 NY State Report Card

How many students were suspended?
3% Citywide Average

From this school's most recent Quality Review Report

Are teachers effective?

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

How many teachers have 3 or more years of experience teaching?
76% Citywide Average
Years of principal experience at this school

How do students perform academically?

From 2019 State ELA+Math Results Summary

How many middle school students scored 3-4 on the state math exam?
40% Citywide Average
How many middle school students scored 3-4 on the state reading exam?
47% Citywide Average

From 2021 Middle School Directory

What high schools do most graduates attend?
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School, and George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School
Accelerated courses offered for high school credit
Algebra I,Living Environment

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

How many 8th-graders earn high school credit?
51% Citywide Average
How many students graduate in 4 years?
87% Citywide Average
How many students graduate with test scores high enough to enroll at CUNY without remedial help?
64% Citywide Average
How many students take a college-level course or earn a professional certificate?
55% Citywide Average
How many graduates stay enrolled in college for at least 3 semesters?
77% Citywide Average

Who does this school serve?

From 2020-21 Demographic Snapshot

Free or reduced priced lunch
Students with disabilities
English language learners

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

Average daily attendance
93% Citywide Average
How many students miss 18 or more days of school?
20% Citywide Average

From 2020 School Directories

Uniforms required?
This school offers Transitional Bilingual Education in Spanish and Yiddish.

How does this school serve special populations?

From 2019-20 School Quality Guide

How many students with disabilities graduate in 4 years?
74% Citywide Average
How many English language learners graduate in 4 years?
72% Citywide Average

From 2019 State ELA+Math Results Summary

How many students with disabilities scored 3-4 on the state math exam?
14% Citywide Average
How many students with disabilities scored 3-4 on the state reading exam?
17% Citywide Average
How many English language learners scored 3-4 on the state math exam?
10% Citywide Average
How many English language learners scored 3-4 on the state reading exam?
5% Citywide Average

For more information about our data sources, see About Our Data · More DOE statistics for this school

Programs & Admissions

From the 2021 High School Directory

Visual Art and Design
Admissions Method: Open
Program Description:

Fine and graphic arts, courses include but are not limited to: studio arts, portfolio development and graphic design. Several partnerships with New York Arts organizations provide our students with the opportunity to participate in art shows across the city. A major in Visual Arts will prepare students to receive an Arts-Endorsed diploma and to major in visual arts at the college/university level.

Performing Arts (Dance, Music, and Theater)
Admissions Method: Open
Program Description:

The program consists of dance, theater arts and instrumental music. Students are able to participate in all aspects of the program or to instead concentrate on one in particular. Instrumental music includes participation in the Super Band which is a rock band. Prior musical experience is not necessary. Theater provides students of all ability levels with foundational skills in theater. Dance starts with foundational skills and offers students classes in various modern techniques.

Juan Morel Campos Secondary School D75 Inclusion Program
Admissions Method: D75 Special Education Inclusive Services
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School
Admissions Method: Open
Program Description:

A rigorous program designed to prepare students for college. We offer a specialized STEM program called CUNY PERC. Students engage with topics in math, biology and chemistry to become teachers of younger students in those disciplines. Additionally, all upperclassmen have the opportunity to earn college credits through College NOW courses and AP. Seniors are also invited to participate in the many internship programs we offer as a pathway to their future careers.

Juan Morel Campos Secondary School The Yiddish ACES 12:1:1 Program
Admissions Method: ASD/ACES Program


Language Courses


Advanced Placement (AP) courses

AP United States History, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP English Literature and Composition


Boys PSAL teams

Baseball, Basketball, Handball

Girls PSAL teams

Basketball, Softball

Read about admissions, academics, and more at this school on NYCDOE’s MySchools
NYC Department of Education: MySchools

Contact & Location


Williamsburg (District 14)
Trains: G Line to Broadway; J Line, M Line to Hewes St; Z Line to Marcy Ave
Buses: B24, B39, B43, B44, B44-SBS, B46, B48, B57, B60, B62, Q54, Q59


Esther Shali Ogli
Parent Coordinator
Nereida Pena

Other Details

Shared campus?
This school shares a building with Beginning with Children Charter School II
Uniforms required?
Metal detectors?

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