P.S. 167 The Parkway

1025 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11213

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Handsome building

The Downside

Closing because of poor performance.

JUNE 2013 UPDATE:PS 167 is being phased out and replaced after years of poor performance. No new students were admitted in September 2013, and the phase-out will be completed in June 2016. The school will be replaced PS 532, New Bridges. Also sharing the building is Success Academy Charter School Brooklyn 7, in the building. Photo by Crown Heightsinfo.com

DECEMBER 2009 UPDATE: As of September 2009, Marc Mardy has replaced Joan Palmer as principal of PS 167.

MARCH 2005 REVIEW: PS 167 is a particularly handsome Eastern Parkway edifice with commanding views of central Brooklyn and the distinguished name, "Parkway School." But inside is dirt, disrepair, and dilapidation.

A new administration is making every effort to outfit teachers with much needed resources, materials, and equipment to make up for years of mismanagement. On our visit we saw new reading books, filing systems, and audio equipment in each classroom.

Unfortunately, the extreme limitations of the physical plant cannot be fixed in small doses. Until recently, the school was used by various community organizations after hours, which increased the general wear and tear. The kitchen, auditorium, and library all need renovation, according to the principal, and a cursory tour confirms her concerns. We also saw broken tiles, warped stairs, flooded bathrooms, and halls where at least half of the fluorescent lights were burnt-out. Gym classes take place in the lunchroom, while dance classes are held in a classroom of insufficient size.

Principal Joan Palmer arrived in July 2004, after the former principal was removed with 45 other principals around the city for what the municipal Department of Education described as "poor performance." In addition to barring the school's use by outside groups and ramping up spending for classroom supplies, she has brought in a stronger arts program and reduced class sizes in the 3rd grade, where a high number of kids who were not promoted to the 4th grade threatened to swamp the registers. There were nine 3rd grade classes when we visited, all of which were capped at 20 students.

Professional artists and dancers come in to supplement the academic program. We saw 4th graders learning classical ballet positions. There is also a violin program for select upperclassmen.

There is much work to do and discipline remains a challenge. Teachers and administrators are often lecturing students on correct behavior, and we heard some yelling directed at students as well. In one case, an assistant principal spent at least 15 minutes lecturing three girls over some antics during line-up; the gist was: "you can't afford to be losing valuable class-time." The parent coordinator, a towering former basketball player, serves as unofficial dean. In a school where boys were noticeably outnumbered by girls, he says he likes to hold "rap sessions" with the guys. "They need more of a male figure in their life. If I can give that to them, I feel like I'm doing a good thing." Many teachers and staff agreed that the lack of parental involvement at PS 167 is one of the school's biggest handicaps.

English as a Second Language: Aside from one bridged 3rd/4th bilingual class, all English language instruction is done outside of the classroom in small groups.

Special education: Special education and general education students are mixed together in the upper grades in team-taught "inclusion" classes. Children with special needs in lower grades are routed to a nearby school.

Admissions: The single pre-K class accepts children first-come, first-served.

After school: The school offers some tutoring. (Elizabeth Kiem, March 2005)

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Crown Heights (District 17)
Trains: 3 Line, 4 Line to Crown Heights-Utica Ave
Buses: B14, B17, B45, B46, B46-SBS


Marc Mardy

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