P.S. 174 Dumont

574 Dumont Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11207

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JUNE 2013 UPDATE: PS 174 is being phased out and replaced after years of poor performance. No new students were admitted in September 2013, and the phase-out will be completed in June 2016. The DOE has proposed to open and co-locate a new district elementary school and a new district middle school in the building.

JUNE 2005 REVIEW: Surrounded by housing projects, PS 174 is located in a low-income neighborhood. There are few shops, banks or parks in the neighborhood. In most directions, there are only two visible objects -- brown housing projects, and the elevated "L" train chugging along in the distance. Although test scores had remained low and stagnate for several years, finally in 2005 there was a glimmer of hope. In 2004, only 23 percent of the students passed the city English tests, but in 2005 that number rose to 35 percent. Additionally, in 2004, 22 percent passed the city math tests, but in 2005, the number moved to 26 percent. Although the test scores are still low, PS 174 followed a similar trend across District 19, where test scores rose from 2004 to 2005. The school refused our repeated requests for a visit. Officials from nearby schools say 10 to 15 percent of their students live in homeless shelters. (Vanessa Witenko, June 2005)

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East New York (District 19)
Trains: 3 Line to Pennsylvania Ave; L Line to Livonia Ave
Buses: B14, B20, B83


Ingrid Mason

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