Far Rockaway Educational Complex

Our Insights

What’s Special

Nursing certification program; strong athletic program; spacious, well-equipped building with many competent teachers

The Downside

Poor attendance, particularly in the first period; many students fail to graduate on time

Far Rockaway High School has closed after graduating its final class of seniors in June 2011. Four smaller high schools have opened in its place:

Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School follows the principles of its model, Harlem's rigorous and respected Frederick Douglass Academy: a no-nonsense approach to schooling that demands parent involvement, school uniforms and strict adherence to the rules. However, these principles have been tested due to an influx of students from closing high schools in the area, some of whom do not buy into the model.

Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy VI is modeled after the Air Force philosophy of leadership training. Students, who are called cadets, wear a formal uniform. The schools aim is to be an Ivy League Middle School Academy, with a long-run goal of preparing students for college. It appears to be making strides in that direction. However, some students continue to struggle with some basic skills.

Academy of Medical Technology is designed to prepare students for careers in medicine. It has quickly attracted serious, cheerful students who are focused on their work and respectful of their teachers. The Academy places a heavy emphasis on college prep.

Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology aims for each student to acquire the ability to access, interpret and use information in an effort to communicate effectively. However, the school struggles with violence and student engagement. Two-thirds of teachers said in the school survey that crime and violence, especially gang activity, are a problem.

Far Rockaway High School long suffered from poor performance based on the everyday challenges of its students outside of school. Students in the new schools pass through metal detectors to enter the building and there are some safety concerns.

The building houses modern science labs, spacious gyms, up-to-date exercise machines and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. There is also a refurbished athletic field. (Aryn Bloodworth, December 2012)

For more information about our data sources, see About Our Data · More DOE statistics for this school

Contact & Location


8-21 Beach 25th Street
Queens NY 11691

Trains: A Line to Beach 25th St


Principal: Denise Hallett

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