I.S. 231 Magnetech 2000

145-00 Springfield Boulevard
Laurelton NY 11413

Our Insights

What’s Special

Behavior modification program fosters positive behavior

The Downside

Low standardized test scores; poor classroom management

A neighborhood middle school in Springfield Gardens, IS 231 Magnetech 2000 closed at the end of the 2012-2013 school year after years of poor performance. In 2010, only 25 percent of students were on grade level in English language arts (ELA), and only 21 percent were on grade level in math. Community members expressed concerns about how the school is not challenging or properly supporting its students and a lack of communication between parents and the school. In March 2011 the Panel for Education Policy approved the DOEs proposal to phase out and replace the school due to persistently low performance and an inability to be transformed.

IS 231 was replaced by two middle schools: Community Voices Middle School MS 356 and Collaborative Arts Middle School MS 355.(Cristin Strining, February 2009. Updated to reflect school closure by Pauline Zaldonis, August 2013.)

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Contact & Location


St. Albans (District 29)
Buses: Q77, Q85


Emmanuel Lubin

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