The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS)

What’s Special

Progressive curriculum that teaches students ethics

The Downside

Long school day not for every student

Our Review

The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS) was closed in June 2015 because of poor test scores and high teacher turnover.

Founded in 2009, TECCS received $1 million in start-up funds from The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS) Foundation, led by Judith Wallach. Wallach, a psychologist whose goal is to replicate the high quality of education she received, was a board member of the school.TECCS espoused a progressive philosophy that encouraged children to ask questions, use their hands as well as their heads, and become thoughtful citizens. The school struggled from the start, and in 2013 was granted a two-year conditional charter renewal. When TECCS failed to meet the requirements outlined in the charter, the Department of Education decided to close the school.

The school community were disappointed with this decision. Parents and teachers we spoke to on our 2011 visit were happy with the school. "[Working here] has allowed us to really reflect on our practice. We're like a family," said teacher Daniel Osborne. "There are unbelievably committed teachers and small classes. I can definitely reach out to my child's teacher," said parent Tiffany Brown. "They're very open whether you sit in on a class or help out." Another parent said, "I didn't feel as welcomed at my last school. Everything is new here and we're [parents] more needed."

The school was co-located with PS 297, sharingall building facilities including the cafeteria, auditorium and gym.(Aryn Bloodworth, February 2011; updated by Ella Colley in February 2015 and December 2015)

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700 Park Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11206
(District 14)


Annette Keane

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