New Hope Academy Charter School

Grades: K-5
475 East 57 Street
Brooklyn NY 11203
Phone: 718-337-8303

Our Insights

New Hope Academy Charter School opened in September 2010 with 172 students in kindergarten through second grades. It will add a grade each year until reaching the sixth grade. The school specializes in science and technology and, according to its website, has a _ state of the art science lab where students use microscopes and wear lab coats and are referred to as 'Doctor'.There are no special education classes. On the premise that all students are gifted, students with special needs are educated together with general education students. Students whose IEPs call for individual paraprofessionals, do receive that service. The school is wheelchair accessible. Academic help for struggling students is available during the school day.

New Hope Academy is affiliated with Victory Education Partners , a school support organization that manages many NYC charter schools. (Information taken from website, January 2011)

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Contact & Location


Flatbush (District 18)
Buses: B7, B8, B47


Dr. Temica Francis

Other Details

Shared campus?
Metal detectors?

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