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Success Academy Harlem West Charter School

Grades: 5-8
215 West 114th Street, 5th Floor
Manhattan NY 10027

Our Insights

Success Academy Harlem West Charter School is a charter school in Harlem, serving grades 5 through 8. This schools shares the Wadleigh Secondary Building with two other schools. The school is affiliated with Success Academy Harlem 1 Charter School (K-4).

This school prepares students well to progress to the next grade and helps them improve their test scores, as compared to other schools with similar students. The school as a whole also performs well on test scores, as compared to other schools in the city.

Charter schools are tuition-free schools that operate independently of the city Department of Education, and because of this have a lot of leeway over things like discipline codes, school year/day lengths and teaching philosophies. Charter schools can range from super traditional and strict to super progressive with lots of student freedom. Be sure to ask questions when you visit. Most give priority to children who live in the school district in which the school is located and each school runs its own lottery and enrollment process. Check the school's own website for the application and due date listed under "contact" on this page.

To see if your address is in the district for this program please use our school search. For more information about charter school enrollment and advice on how to find a program, please visit our Charter School page.

If you are a parent or staff member, please tell us more about the school in our Comments Section.

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School Stats

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Free or reduced priced lunch
Students with disabilities
English language learners

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Contact & Location


Harlem (District 5)
Trains: 2 Line, 3 Line, B Line, C Line to 116th St
Buses: M2, M7, M10, M102, M116


Khari Shabazz

Other Details

Shared campus?
This schools shares the Wadleigh Secondary Building with two other schools
Uniforms required?
Metal detectors?

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