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Coney Island Prep Charter High School

Grades: 9-12
294 Avenue T
Brooklyn NY 11223
Phone: 718-676-1063

Our Insights

What’s Special

Strong focus on college admission and attendance

The Downside

Few seats available; harsh discipline code

Coney Island Prep Charter High School offers advanced classes and a focus on college admissions but may be a challenging environment for students who struggle with a strict discipline code.

Like many charter schools, Coney Island Prep begins emphasizing the importance of college at a young age. Almost all graduates of the school go on to college, for which students feel well-prepared. One senior wrote an opinion piece in the Bklyner newsletter, saying, “The teachers and staff at Coney Island Prep always told my classmates and me that we would go to college, and they dedicated themselves year after year to preparing us for this next chapter in our lives.”  

Students have an array of challenging courses to choose from, ranging from honors physics to Advanced Placement (AP) classes in areas like calculus, French language and culture, and European history

The school has a strict code of conduct, and students at Coney Island Prep are suspended at a higher rate than the citywide average.

The school has a college and career readiness team that helps students find internships, attend summer pre-college programs, and study abroad during the summer in countries like China, France, Mexico, India, Ecuador, Morocco and Spain.

Most graduates attend SUNY or CUNY colleges, but some have been accepted to prestigious private universities such as Georgetown, NYU, American, Howard and the US Naval Academy.

ADMISSIONS: By lottery. Students get priority if they have siblings currently enrolled at a Coney Island Prep school, live in District 21, or are English language learners. Because many students admitted in the younger grades stay on for high school, there are few spaces available for students applying for 9th grade. (Isabel Corpus, web reports, July 2018)


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Contact & Location


Gravesend (District 21)
Trains: F Line, N Line to Avenue U
Buses: B3


Evan Burns

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This school is in its own building.
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