Middle Schools

How To Apply

All 5th-graders (including those who plan to stay at their K-8 school) must apply to middle school. Applications will be available via your MySchools account in October and are typically due at the very beginning of December. Placements are distributed in the spring.

Some (but not all) of the city’s 32 districts have zoned schools and your child is guaranteed a seat if you apply and live in the zone. To find out if your child has a zoned school, enter your address in the search box above or call 311.

Even if you have a zoned school, you may want to explore other options. Most of the city’s 32 school districts have gifted programs and special arts programs. Some middle schools accept students from the whole the borough or the whole city.

Some middle schools select students at random, some use 4th-grade report cards, attendance and behavior records, and others require additional auditions or exams. Be sure to sign up for auditions or tests before submitting the application.

Plan on spending the fall of the 5th-grade year visiting schools. For some very popular schools, open house and tour slots book rapidly, so sign up early.

A very few schools, including Ballet Tech and the Special Music School, require a separate application. Get this application from the school directly.

Most middle schools serve children in grades 6 to 8, but a few start in 5th or 7th grade. Charter schools (many of which begin in 5th grade) admit children by lotteries held in April, and applications are due April 1.

Hunter College High School, which serves children in grades 7 to 12, admits children according to the results of a competitive exam administered to qualifying 6th-graders in January. The Baccalaureate School for Global Education also starts in 7th grade.

If you move to the city after the application process is finished, and you don’t have a zoned school, a Family Welcome Center will place your child somewhere in your district. See our section on New to New York City.