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IS 149

360 E 145th Street
Bronx NY 10454

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IS 149 has been closed because of low student performance. The school's last 8th graders graduated in 2004, and a new school, South Bronx Prep, moved into the building in Fall 2004. All inquiries about IS 149 should now be directed there. Brian Rosenbloom, formerly principal of IS 149, now leads this new school which serves children in grades 6-12. South Bronx Prep is part of a partnership with the College Board, the organization that administers the SATs and the Advanced Placement exams. The Elijah D. Clark Educational Complex also houses MS 223.

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Contact & Location


Mott Haven (District 7)
Trains: 2 Line, 5 Line to 3rd Ave-149th St
Buses: Bx2, Bx4, Bx4A, Bx15, Bx19, Bx21, Bx33, Bx41, Bx41-SBS



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