M.S. 391 Mahalia Jackson

790 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11203

Our Insights

MS 391 closed after graduating its last class of 8th graders in June 2006. The school was replaced by the Middle School of the Arts: MS 587 which itself closed in 2014, saddled with some of the same problems of poor performance and low attendance. At its peak, MS 391 enrolled1,800 students, but by 2004, the population had dwindled to fewer than 600. In 2004, only 14 percent of students passed the state and city English language arts exam and 13 percent passed the math exam.

The building now houses MS 722 New Heights Middle School and Achievement First Crown Heights Charter School. (Vanessa Witenko August 2007, updated August 2014)

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Contact & Location


Flatbush (District 17)
Trains: 2 Line, 5 Line to Sterling St; 3 Line, 4 Line to Crown Heights-Utica Ave
Buses: B14, B17, B43, B44, B44-SBS, B46, B46-SBS


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