J.H.S. 302 Rafael Cordero

350 Linwood Street
Brooklyn NY 11208

Our Insights

What’s Special

Before and after school programs, community partnerships

The Downside

Closing because of poor performance

JHS 302 Rafael Cordero closed in June 2015 after years of poor performance. The building now houses Achievement First Apollo Charter School, Vista Academy and Liberty Avenue Middle School.

For years, JHS 302 had struggled to overcome low test scores and discipline issues. The school attempted to engage students through an array of services, extra activities and performing arts programs. While these programs had some success, in 2013 the Department of Education decided to phase out the school, and no new students were admitted. Principal Lisa Linder left in 2014, and was replaced by Tanya Bryant for the school's final academic year. (Ella Colley, October 2015)

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Contact & Location


East New York (District 19)
Trains: J Line to Cleveland St; C Line to Shepherd Ave
Buses: Q24


Tanya Bryant

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