Applying to kindergarten in the Bronx?

Application season is open! Last year we updated all 200+ Bronx elementary school reviews. Listed here are a handful of good neighborhood schools, charters, and schools that accept children from a whole district or borough.

This list is not exhaustive. Please share your own favorites in the comments section below and tell us why you like those schools.

To learn more about the admissions process, read “What to Look for” and “Your Options. You can also take our self-paced, online class, which tells you everything you need to know about applying to elementary school and offers lots of tips for identifying and evaluating schools when you can't visit them in person.

Use our Elementary School Guided Search to explore all your options and compile a list of schools you want to consider.

District 7: South Bronx

All schools are unzoned in this district: you may apply to any school

Our Picks

Concourse Village Elementary
Why we picked it: High expectations, clear routines, and a healthy mix of high-quality arts and academics

Family Life Academy II & III
Why we picked it: Strong leadership and lots of individualized attention; Chorus, Suzuki violin, Little Kids Rock music program

Mott Haven Academy Charter
Why we picked it: Extra services and social support in addition to strong academics; two-thirds of the seats are reserved for students living in foster care or receiving prevention services.


PS 25 Bilingual School
Why we picked it: Hands-on science helps children study the English language; they cultivate plants and observe fish, birds and turtles in an on-site exploration center.

PS 49 Willis Ave
Why we picked it: Computer science and an unusual number of arts including visual arts, dance, theater and music

Academic Leadership Charter
Why we picked it: Students score very well on standardized tests and academics seem generally strong although some families may object to the emphasis on test preparation.

New schools to watch

Neighborhood Charter School: Bronx
Why we picked it: Based on the popular flagship school in Harlem that welcomes students with disabilities

Brilla Veritas
Why we picked it: Longer school day and a mix of computer-based and teacher-led instruction for reading and math; two teachers in every room

DREAM Mott Haven
Why we picked it: After school and summer programs; two teachers in every room

District 8: Soundview and Throgs Neck

Our Picks

Girls Prep and Boys Prep Bronx Charters
Why we picked them: Single-sex schools with a focus on science

Bronx Charter School for the Arts

Why we picked it: Healthy mix of academics and arts

PS 69 Journey Prep
Why we picked it: Award-winning environmental programs

PS 304 Early Childhood
Why we picked it: Strong teaching and thoughtful curriculum


Bronx Delta
Why we picked it: Weaves art into lessons and plans several art-themed field trips per year

PS 36 Unionport
Why we picked it: Staff continue to hone their practice to serve a wide range of learners.

Hyde Leadership Charter Elementary
Why we picked it: Focus on the importance of personal growth through frank conversations, self-assessment and reflection.

New schools to watch

Bold Charter School
Why we picked it: Daily science; two teachers in every room

Bronx Arts and Science Charter School
Why we picked it: STEAM focus and field trips

District 9: Morrisania

Our Picks

Mount Eden Children’s Academy
Why we picked it: Housed in New Settlement Community Campus, which features a dance studio, a rooftop garden and a five-lane swimming pool

PS 204 Morris Heights
Why we picked it: Science lessons several times a week, as well as music, dance, art and lots of field trips

The Walton Avenue School
Why we picked it: High-scoring and community-oriented school with exciting math instruction


PS 170
Why we picked it: Early childhood school (through 2nd grade) with dance, swimming, puppetry and theater arts

Bronx Academy of Promise
Why we picked it: Strong track record in all areas; loyal, happy teachers

Grant Avenue Elementary School
Why we picked it: A school that acts on its core values of safety, trust and strength

Harriet Tubman Charter
Why we picked it: Maker Space and a Robotics program

The Family School
Why we picked it: Strong, respected leader making strides towards improvement

PS 236 Langston Hughes
Why we picked it: New approaches boost instruction

Rosalyn Yalow Charter
Why we picked it: Champion chess program and strong math performance

Family Life Academy
Why we picked it: Lots of individualized instruction

District 10: Riverdale and Central Bronx

Our Picks

PS 81 Robert J. Christen
Why we picked it: A safe and respectful tone, strong leadership and arts residencies throughout the grades.

PS 56 Norwood Heights
Why we picked it: A well-regarded neighborhood school that fosters close ties with families. Offers solid academics, music and dance.

PS 344: AmPark Neighborhood School
Why we picked it: Lively, nurturing school known for its commitment to the environment, social consciousness and the arts.

PS 209
Why we picked it: Tiny early childhood school (Pre-K -- 2) with a positive tone


PS 340
Why we picked it: Warm nurturing tone and lots of engaging activities

PS 86
Why we picked it: A large school known for its respectful environment

PS/MS 15
Why we picked it: Performance above area average; serves its population well

PS 3 Raul Julia Micro Society
Why we picked it: Improving school with climbing test scores and strong family outreach

PS 7 Milton Fein
Why we picked it: Solid local school with emphasis on writing and the arts

District 11: Northeast Bronx

Our Picks

PS/MS 498 Van Nest Academy
Why we picked it: Hands-on science, technology and arts

PS 175 City Island
Why we picked it: Cheery, close-knit K-8 school with engaging lessons

PS 481 STEAM Bridge
Why we picked it: Teachers work well together; strong instruction


Bronx Charter for Better Learning I & II
Why we picked it: Unusual hands-on method for teaching math

PS 19
Why we picked it: Academic performance and instruction improving

PS 153 Helen Keller
Why we picked it: Principal works to break down divisions between G&T, special ed and general ed students; mindfulness practices

PS 108 Philip J. Abinanti
Why we picked it: Longtime neighborhood school with strong teachers and solid academics

PS 106
Why we picked it: Ethnically diverse school with spacious building renovation; English lessons and other supports for parents

District 12: Crotona Park

Our Picks

Bronx Little School
Why we picked it: A winning mix of freedom and structure; swimming, ballroom dance and a theater program


Samara Community School
Why we picked it: Projects about nature and the surrounding community; English-Spanish dual language

Urban Scholars Community School
Why we picked it: A warm welcome and extra academic help

Larger charter networks you may want to consider

Each of the following charter organizations have multiple schools across the Bronx. Read our guide to learn more about the different types of charter schools.

Icahn Charter
South Bronx Classical Charter
Success Academy Bronx 1 - 4

Photo from Family Life Academy Charter School III