UPDATE October 12, 2018: The middle school at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School and The Lenox Academy are open to students citywide.

A previous version of this story ran in October 2017. It has been updated with new information for October 2018.

Here are some good middle school options that accept students from all over Brooklyn and, in a few cases, Queens. Also consider schools that are open to children citywide.

Middle school applications are due December 3.

MS 50 John D. Wells, (grades 6-8), Williamsburg/District 14
Why we picked it: Strong leadership; top-notch debate program; longer school day
Who gets in: District 14 and Brooklyn students with good academic and behavior records. School also considers state exam scores and report card.

Young Women's Leadership School of Brooklyn (grades 6-12), Williamsburg/District 14
Why we picked it: An ambitious yet supportive program for girls (new review coming soon)
Who gets in: Grades, state exams, onsite writing assignment and group interview.

Boerum Hill School for International Studies (grades 6-8), Cobble Hill/District 15
__Why we picked it
: French dual language and challenging International Baccalaureate curriculum.
Who gets in: While most students who attend live in District 15, the French Dual-Language Program is open to students across Brooklyn who attend an elementary French dual lanugage or bilingual education program or who are proficient in both French and English.

Science, Technology and Research Early College School (STAR) at Erasmus (grades 6-12), Flatbush/District 17
Why we picked it: Students are on an academic fast track and may take courses at Brooklyn College
Who gets in: Open to District 17 and Brooklyn, based on 4th grade report card, interview & entrance exam, attendance, punctuality & test scores

Medgar Evers College Preparatory School (grades 6-12) Crown Heights/District 17
Why we picked it: Fast paced academics for hard-working kids; every student learns to speak Mandarin
Who gets in: Boroughwide (includes some Queens students too) based on state tests, report card, special talent, interview, attendance and punctuality. Apply to the school directly.

The Lenox Academy (grades 6-8) East Flatbush, District 18
Why we picked it: Small, structured middle school with accelerated academics. Graduates attend top public and private high schools.
Who gets in: District 18 & Brooklyn residents get priority based on report card grades, state tests, attendance and an entrance exam.

Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice (grades 6-12) Borough Park/District 20
Why we picked it: Supportive, all-girls school offers plenty of writing; diversity thrives (but the criminal justice part is really a misnomer)
Who gets in: Lottery, it’s the luck of the draw for Brooklyn residents

David A. Boody IS 228 (grades 6-8) Bensonhurst/District 21
Why we picked it: Dual Language instruction in four languages; pervasive & innovative use of technology
Who gets in: Native and proficient speakers of Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew

IS 392 (grades 6-8) Brownsville/District 23
Why we picked it: Small, demanding academic program for high-achievers with interesting arts and athletics
Who gets in: Entrance exam, interview, attending a school tour, report card, state tests and attendance

Eagle Academy for Young Men II (grades 6-12) Ocean Hill/District 23
Why we picked it: Warm, respectful environment in an engaging all-boys school. Most students stay for high school and graduate on time.
Who gets in: Limited unscreened with priority going to students who sign in at an information session or tour the school.

Philippa Schuyler JHS 383 (grades 5-8) Bushwick, District 32
Why we picked it: School begins in 5th grade and offers vibrant music program along with topnotch academics.
Who gets in: Brooklyn and Queens residents, based on report card, state tests, onsite reading, writing and math assessment

All City Leadership Secondary School (grades 6-12), Bushwick/District 32
Why we picked it: Longtime respected principal; courtesy and respect are prized, sky high test scores & grad rate
Who gets in: Open to Brooklyn and Queens students, based on 4th grade report card, interview, attendance, punctuality & test scores

Know of a great school we've missed? Add your pick in comments below...and be sure to comment on the school page too.