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Entrada Academy

977 Fox Street
Bronx NY 10459
Phone: 718-378-1649

Our Insights

What’s Special

Workshops for Spanish-speaking immigrants

The Downside

Test scores are low

Entrada Academy in 2018 was merged with Accion Academy

2013 REVIEW:Serving many Spanish-speaking children still learning English, Entrada Academy opened in 2008 with a “communications” theme, according to the middle school directory. The Spanish word “entrada” means “entry.”

Jazmin Rivera-Polanco took them helm in 2013, replacing former principal Socorro Diaz. Polanco was assistant principal of Bronx Haven High School and has a degree from Bank Street College of Education.

Students wear a white shirt with a burgundy logo and gray pants. Children meet in small weekly “advisory” groups for extra academic, social and emotional support.

According to the school’s yearly plan, workshops for families are geared to assist new immigrants, and they include information on housing, family crisis intervention, immigrant services and homelessness prevention.

Transitional bilingual classes on each grade are designed to help children ease into a new language. Lessons are taught in Spanish until they are ready to be learn in English in all subjects. High numbers of children still learning English and who have special needs may account for the school’s low test scores.

Entrada shares the building with IS 217 School of Performing Arts and South Bronx Classical Charter. All children must pass through a metal detector each morning.

Special Education: The school offers “self-contained” classes for children with special needs only, and support services inside and outside of regular classes.

Admissions: Neighborhood school (Lydie Raschka, web reports, October 2013)

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Contact & Location


Hunts Point (District 12)
Trains: 6 Line to Hunts Point Ave; 2 Line, 5 Line to Intervale Ave
Buses: Bx11, Bx17, Bx19, Bx27, Bx35, Bx4, Bx46, Bx4A, Bx5, Bx6


Victor Frias

Other Details

Shared campus?
This school shares the building with the School of Performing Arts, New York Center for Autism Charter School Bronx, and the South Bronx Classical Charter School
Uniforms required?
Metal detectors?

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