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Bee Tutored: Academic Tutoring K-12

Posted May 17, 2017
Category: Tutoring
Borough: Manhattan

Since 2007 Bee Tutored has provided academic support and test prep for students K-12. We specialize in NYS state test prep and SHSAT prep. Tutors are certified teachers and provide instruction in home.

For more info see or [email protected].

Serving: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island

Manhattan Youth Performing Arts Bootcamp

Posted May 30, 2017
Category: Instructional Support
Borough: Manhattan

Performing Arts Workshop for Young Artists Ages 10-17

High School Admissions Study- Call for Participants

Category: Operations/School Staff
Grade Level: High
Borough: Manhattan

Recruiting New York City teachers, administrators, counselors and other school personnel who currently work in a public high school in any of the 5 boroughs that uses the “Screened” admissions method, to participate in 1 one-hour interview for the following study.

This study aims to illuminate the ways that the daily and annual work of screened high school personnel has been redefined by the implementation of the high school admissions process, put in place in 2006.

I am interested in speaking with school personnel from screened high school programs who have experiences with the admissions process in their school program and who participate in, or are impacted by, work aligned with their school’s admissions process.

A screened high school program is one that uses the “Screened” admissions method, which that requires 8th grade applicants to rank the high school and take another action, such as attending a school tour/open house, submit additional application materials, take part in an interview, submit a portfolio or another action. This status as a “Screened” admissions school is designated by the New York City Department of Education.

To see if your high school program uses the “Screened” admissions method:

  1. View the "Directory Details" tab on your school's InsideSchools page or the "Program" tab on your school's page on the DOE's School Finder
  2. If your school’s “Admissions Method” is listed as “Screened,” then you may be eligible for this study. Please note that “Screened: Language” school programs are not eligible for this study.

To participate in this study, we will schedule a one-hour interview to be conducted in a location and at a time convenient to you. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary; you are not required to participate in this study.

As a participant in this study, your name will be kept confidential. Your identifying information will be disguised so as to protect your anonymity.

Your participation in sharing your perspective will help educational researchers better understand how the engaging in the high school admissions policy has impacted the daily and/or annual work of school personnel.

This study has been approved by the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Institutional Review Board (IRB) and found to meet the ethical standards adopted by the Federal Government for research with humans.

** Please email Heather Rippeteau at [email protected] to determine your eligibility and schedule an interview; if you received this call for participants at your NYC DOE, or other work-based email address, and would like to participate, please respond to the researcher using a personal or non-work email address.

** Please pass this Call for Participants on to any NYC school personnel who may be interested in being interviewed.

Who I am:
My name is Heather Rippeteau, and I'm a doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center conducting research on how the implementation of the high school admissions process has changed the daily work and/or annual work of school personnel in NYC public screened high schools. I am hoping that my research will have implications for garnering formal recognition of the work it takes for school personnel to carry out this policy. I also hope that my research will open further opportunities to discuss the implementation of this policy and its impact on the daily work of personnel at other levels of schooling within NYC.

Education Consultant

Category: Special Services
Borough: Manhattan

Jacquie graduated from The School of General Studies at Columbia University in 2008, with a degree in Literature & Writing. She is one of the founding members and has visited over 400 NYC public schools and conducted workshops for thousands of parents. Jacquie is also co-author of NYC’s Best Public School Guides with Clara Hemphill & Pamela Wheaton.

Offering 1 hour phone consultation, plus 2 email correspondences through process.

· Getting Started – Understanding the NYC DOE process and offerings
· Admission Facts and Application Procedures

· What to Look for at Fairs, Open Houses & Touring
· Factors to Consider in Choice Decisions
· Types of Schools to Consider: New Schools, Single Sex, Progressive vs. Traditional & G&T

Servicing all five boroughs with specialty in Bronx and Upper Manhattan